Border terrier kennel in Moscow.

В нашем питомнике 11.12.2023  родились щенки!
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Все актуальные новости вы можете отслеживать у нас в Яндекс Дзене. И не забудьте посмотреть видео на Тик-Токе.

 Все щенки из этого помёта уже обрели своих хозяев!

В питомнике родились щенки от Meadowlake for Russia with Love ( Pushkin) и Stepnoy Ohotnik Atomic for GardenRing ( Эксель) Ласковые нежные невообразимо послушные в маму и спортивные готовые на все приключения в папу. Чемпионы России, Украины, НКП и Пушкин Юный чемпион Европы. Шесть парней и две девчушки.

На все вопросы рады вам ответить по phone, including in  WhatsApp

Фото щенков:

Остался последний щенок из двух помётов. Все остальные были забронированы заранее и уже радуют своих владельцев. Щенки от наших замечательных производителей. Английские и Американские дети. 
 На все вопросы рады вам ответить по phone, including in  WhatsApp


Фото щенка:

Puppies from amazing parents from multiple World and European champions and many countries were born in our kennel. Champions of all kinds of competitions and monopods. We are glad to answer all your questions by phone, including in  WhatsApp


Photos of puppy parents:

We have a mini Border Terrier girl. At 3.5 months of age, she weighs two kilos, while her siblings weigh more than four kilos. She has been tested for health. She's all right, except that she's small. She is not for show, not for breeding, only for love and sharing and fun.

Her name is Tyrion and that name reflects who she is. She's really unique in everything. Tyrion has a sharp mind, great reaction time, great physical prowess. She has the intellect of a six-year-old. We've never seen anything like it, despite our experience. We also say she will find a cranny because even though we have baby fences around the house, she can be found in the basement, the boiler room and the chicken coop. She cares about everything.

A very nimble girl, with an eye on her. She travels around the house and grounds on her own. Very affectionate, loves to be handled, but may bite you if she thinks you've done something wrong. But it's funny when you see her size. Documents RKF, but in the pedigree will be written: Not for breeding. Vetknik, vaccination, branding. Only in serious hands who will be selected very carefully. Experience, veterinarian, trainer welcome.

Parents have excellent health, excellent mental health. Last two pictures father and mother. Excellent companions. Very malleable attentive oooh very people oriented dogs. Will never do anything bad to upset us.
Health checked, all tests passed. Chat kennel on WhatsApp, any questions 24/7. Call, write. WhatsApp, any questions 24/7. Call, write. PUPPY SOLD!

We have a new addition!

There are currently two puppies available in the kennel. Born on the 5th of September. Puppies are ready to go to their homes. Eat straight food, bred in the countryside. Daddy is imported from Great Britain Godolphin Flegato (Strike) mum Stepnoy Ohotnik Atomic for GardenRing (Excel) daughter of the well-known double World and European Champion Cedarhill no excuse needed (Noris). Sturdy, healthy and of excellent mentality. PUPPIES SOLD!

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